Quick Details

    • Model Number: LNA (CYPJ) hand pallet truck parts

    • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

    • Brand Name: HEAMI, Zhejiang

    • Product name: LNA Hand Pallet Truck parts Manual Hydraulic Pallet Jack

    • Capacity: 2500KG 3000KG

    • Lift Drive /Actuation: Hand

    • Material: 3mm 4MM steel plate

    • Handle: 3-piston hand pallet truck parts

    • Max Lifting Height: 198mm

    • Color: Optional hand pallet truck parts

    • Pump: Welded pump hand pallet truck parts

    • Surface: powder weight 75-90kg

    • Factory: Jinhua ryder

Product Description

  1. Innovative design.

  2. Comprehensive testing and highest quality hand pallet truck parts.

ItemMeasurementmodel LNA
Capacitykg (Q)2500/3000
Lower heightmm (h13)83
Steering wheelmm180*50/70
Load wheelmm80*96/80*67
Max.lift heightmm (h3)198
Total heightmm (h14)1172
Total lengthmm (l1)1417/1497/1567
Designated lengthmm (l)1070/1150/1220
Designated widthmm (b5)520/685
Ground clearancemm (m2)33
Fork sizemm (e)47/150